Toxic Home Materials to Watch Out For

It’s scary to find toxic materials in your home. The news is filled with reports about “toxic materials” that can cause cancer and other ailments. It’s easy to worry, but there are ways to be prepared for finding a potentially toxic material in your home. Here are a few things to watch for when you look around your home.


CPVC is a dangerous material to be aware of in the home. Often used as a pipe, CPVC is made with glued joints and is a ticking time bomb. CPVC is a dangerous home material to avoid because it can leak at any time and can cause serious health problems. One woman has a leaky water pipe in her house that was installed more than 14 years ago.


Chloroprene is one of the most dangerous toxic substances in the home, and it can cause a variety of health problems. Acute exposure can result in dizziness, giddiness, headaches, and irritability. Chronic exposure can cause dermatitis and cardiac palpitations.


Asbestos is a dangerous material that can be found in older houses. According to Lone Star Roofing a Sugar land roofing services company, It can be found in cement, floor tiles, insulation, and even pipes. To avoid asbestos exposure, you should first identify the materials in your home and seek help if necessary. Asbestos is not dangerous when it is in a good condition, but when it is damaged, it can release fibers and become dangerous.


Phthalates have been found in a wide range of everyday items, including household cleaners, personal care products, and even food. Despite their widespread use, most products don’t list their phthalate content.


Plasticizers are substances added to plastic products that make them more flexible and durable. Phthalates and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are the two most common plasticizers, and they are very common in many household products. Although they are relatively nonvolatile, these chemicals are continuously released into the environment. This means that they are present in the air we breathe and can damage our health.

Paint fumes

Paint fumes are a dangerous substance that can cause respiratory problems for anyone. They can also trigger asthma in some people. Paint fumes can also cause headaches and watery eyes. Some people may even experience shortness of breath and dizziness. Paint fumes are especially harmful for children and unborn babies. For this reason, it is important to wear masks and use proper ventilation when painting.

Laundry detergents

Consumer reports have revealed the dangers of some common laundry detergents, and the EWG is urging you to steer clear of these products. These products can harm you and the environment. According to the EWG, these detergents contain a number of harmful ingredients. Some of these ingredients can cause respiratory effects and cancer, while others can have endocrine and reproductive effects. In addition, these products may be toxic to aquatic life.

Fabric softeners

Fabric softeners are one of the most common and potentially toxic home materials. They contain ingredients such as phthalates and petrochemicals. They can cause respiratory issues and skin irritation. They can also contribute to dead zones in bodies of water.

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