The Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) Executive acting on the Council Resolution number 1/4/2017/9 which states; “That the ZMA executive committee spearheads the creation of an investment arm of the association that will pursue business ventures on behalf of the association with benefits to the association as a whole and to members as individuals”.


Acting through the ZMA Cooperative and Savings Ltd formed and registered in 2018 and introduced at the 54th AGM at Livingstone in 2018, the Executive Committee wishes to announce plans to the convent the ZMA Property that seats on Mumbwa Road into a fully functional Private Medical Center. This is a three phased plan that will start with the operationalization of the facility as a clinic by the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, and later to be upgraded into a 100 Bed Capacity Specialized Hospital to serve the western block of Lusaka, which currently lacks such a facility.


This initiative, is part of ZMA’s efforts to take up an active role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on health, hence attaining Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and equity of access to healthcare for all as enshrined in the Government of the Republic of Zambia’s Health Agenda. This is all to be achieved concurrently with the goals to make ZMA self-sustaining as well as provide its members with an avenue to improve their socioeconomic welfare.


ZMA Hospital -The ZMA Medical Center (Phase 1) will be driven and run by the ZMA Cooperative. The ZMA Hospital once complete, however, will be an autonomous Institution run by competent professionals who need not necessarily come from the profession. A credible hospital operator will be engaged, with the option of outsourcing critical departments and the cooperative only retaining policy and strategic direction powers. The location of the planned development is strategically located on the road frontage of Mumbwa Road, one of four main Zambian Highways, and is less than 5 km from Lusaka CBD. Interested parties will have the option of investing in the Hospital directly or via the ZMA cooperative or both.

Eligibility Criteria-   ZMA and  The ZMA Cooperative and Savings Ltd are looking for Founder members who satisfy the -following criteria to invest in the ZMA Hospital:


1) Medical Doctor; 2) ZMA Member; 3) Active Membership (Fully Paid-up) for at least 2 consecutive years (for those who graduated prior to 2016)


1) Body of Medical Doctors; 2) ZMA Affiliate; 3) Active Registration Status with competent bodies

Application procedure

Send an email to clearly labelled EXPRESSION OF INTEREST IN ZMA  HOSPITAL or Call The secretariat  +260977486800 not later than 1st March,2019.


Dr Abidan Chansa