THE ZAMBIA Medical Association (ZMA) has appealed to Government to consider registering herbal doctors countrywide to regulate their operations.
In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, ZMA president Aaron Mujajati said without a legal framework, it has become more difficult to hold herbalists accountable after administering wrong medicines to patients.
“But once herbal doctors are registered, it will be easy to regulate their operations,” Dr Mujajati said.
Dr Mujajati said the current scenario where herbalists are not backed by a legal legislation is recipe for anarchy.
He said Government should engage herbalists and document their activities to enable easy tracking of the latter in case of an incident.
Dr Mujajati said Government should also consider setting up a national policy on traditional medicines.
He said there is also need to implement a legal framework for the protection of traditional medicines.
And Dr Mujajati says there is nothing wrong for private pharmacies to sell and or administer anti-retroviral (ARVs) drugs to patients.
“Some patients stay far from public health centres and it becomes a challenge accessing ARVs and so the sale of ARVs by private pharmacies is welcome,” he said.
This follows concerns by some sections of society about the safety of ARV’s been administered by private pharmacies.