Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) is a professional body whose main goal is to champion the practice of medicine for the benefit of society through research and ethical practice. In doing this, ZMA upholds the values and morals of society, the values of democracy, accountability, transparency and good governance. Collectively as members of ZMA, we are determined to practice our profession in accordance with the ethical standards of practice of medicine. In this regard, we recognise the rights of an individual to health and we further recognise the equal worth of men and women and are alive to the social determinants of health and how they impact the health of our people.

ZMA stands for what we all want to see. Our vision as doctors includes broad parameters we cannot achieve on our own. We need a body which will galvanize our work and serve as our mouth piece in creating those conditions [highlighted above] that will ensure we practice medicine and therefore serve our people in keeping with the available evidence based best practices.


  1. CME - we carry out regular CME's for our members and award CPD points which are a Pre-requisite for continued registration with HPCZ.
  2. Professional indemnity - all ZMA members are covered.
  3. Legal representation - all ZMA members have access to legal representation by ZMA Lawyers.
  4. House loans - being a member of ZMA gives you preferential access to house loans and Mortgages.
  5. Funeral policy of ZMK 15000 for a ZMA member, spouse and children under the age of 18.
  6. Professional service.
  7. High cost care - All ZMA members are entitled to high cost care in any Government Hospital.
  8. Corporate membership to the World Medical Association - we therefore have a platform of working with other associations and can take part in activities influencing medicine at World level.
  9. Certificate of good standing - should one want to practice abroad; foreign countries often want you to show a certificate of good standing from your professional body.
  10. Representation - ZMA sits on a couple of parastatal boards and has access to Government and other political leaders. Meaning through ZMA, we have a chance to influence the direction our country is taking on so many fronts. Your participation in ZMA will ensure your opinion is safe guarded (obviously following principles of democracy and good governance
  11. ZMA annual ball - ZMA hosts an annual ball to bring together all ZMA members to enjoy an evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

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