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Zambia's youngest female surgeon and First Female Urologist, Dr Chalwe Mumba-Kaja was honoured last night at the inuagural PUSH awards. The PUSH awards which stands for Pray Until Something Happens, were awards meant to show how women appreciate each other. Several women were awarded from different professions. This was in an effort to recognise the women who are influencing society both within and outside their professions. The Organiser, Izukanji Namawa, said that the goal of the awardss was to break the norm that women dont support each other. At the ceremony graced by Religious Minister, Hon Godfridah Sumaili, Dr Chalwe had only a few words to say. "if i had to succeed, it was because i stood on the shoulders of giants", said the obviously elated Urogist. The thanked her family and her collegues for being those giants she stood ...

A concerned family who just had their first baby asked. “Ba Doctor, My wife has been failing to look after the baby we just had. She has been looking forward to having our son throughout pregnancy. But it has been 2 months since she delivered and she has changed. She is not her usual self and stopped communicating”

“Why do you have over 2000 C/sections a year in one hospital alone?” .During my childhood, i never heard of a woman giving birth by C/section or undergo an operation but i vividly remember many women in the neighbourhood never coming back home after being admitted in “labour”.