Venue: David Livingstone Safari Lodge in Livingstone
Date: 27 and 28th July, 2018.

Conference highlights

Scientific Sessions

Discover what’s new in UHT and HIV management and other discovering through scientific poster presentations. These sessions will be presented by leading experts in health and academia.

Business of health

Participate in the discussions on National Health Insurance and how it will increase coverage for access, impact on health outcomes, performance of health care services, impact on businesses and participation of the private sector.

African Cultural Night

Enjoy the best that Zambia has to offer in terms of its culture by attending the cultural night. This will be characterised by various traditional dances, cuisine and poetry from different parts of the country while you relax and watch the magnificent Mosi-o-tunya falls and the magical Zambezi Sunset on the boat cruise.

Gala and Dinner Dance loosen up and stomp your feet to burn the few calories as you join other delegates relax, network and enjoy.

2018 Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM will be a build up from last’s year’s. The AGM deliberations will start in provincial chapters where various issues will be discussed and consensus built will be presented to the Council meeting. The council meeting will debate on all issues presented from the Provincial chapters and other issues which will be directly presented to it by the membership and the executive. The Consensus of the council will be presented to the AGM for a resolution vote. The AGM will also debate the financial report and the President’s report.

  • Key note speech
  • Guest of Honour’s speech
  • Discussions: Harnessing the opportunities of NHI
  • Networking Lunch
  • Adoption of agenda
  • 2017 minutes
  • Executive reports
  • Resolutions
  • Appointment of 2018 auditors
  • Gala night and dinner

Who will attend

The Scientific conference and AGM is organised to promote interaction between policy and opinion leaders in health, the industry and practitioners in the health sector.

  • Ministers of health, Finance, Commence, Trade and Industry
  • Ministry of Health Permanent Secretaries, directors and program officers
  • HPCZ and other Statutory bodies
  • Zambia Development Agency (ZDA)
  • Zambia Development Bank (ZDB)
  • Commercial banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospital Executives
  • Private hospitals
  • Private diagnostic facilities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Car dealers
  • Academia, Consultants and Health opinion leaders
  • International delegates
  • Non-governmental Organisations
  • Medical doctors
  • Medical students

Why should you attend?

  • Be part of Zambia’s leading forum on Health Care transformation.
  • Form relationships/networks to ensure your business participates in Zambia’s health care market.
  • Discover what’s new in medical science and Research that will impact your practice.
  • Learn about Universal Health Care and National Health Insurance and how your business can benefit.
  • Form relationships with health experts, hospital executives and policy formulators
  • Participate in shaping the policy on implementation of the National Health Insurance.
  • Catch up on the latest in HIV management and the impact on your practice
  • Learn from leading experts with relevant presentations that will impact your practice/business today.
  • Broaden your reach and deepen your impact through collaborations with us and other stakeholders, shaping the Health Insurance landscape.
  • Take time to relax while you enjoy the beauty of Zambia’s tourist capital by taking part in the African cultural night, sunset view over the boat cruise and gala night